Happy Maybe Podcast

A conversational podcast where two friends share their insights on the winding journey of life.

7 Sep 4, 2023

When Sadness Sets In

In this episode, the hosts have a conversation about the experience of feeling sad without any apparent reason. They discuss practical methods to cope with sadness, such as going for a walk, watching something enjoyable, talking to someone, or engaging in physical activity like going to the gym. They also mention actively meditating on negative emotions, allowing yourself to feel them without judgment.

Drawing from their own experiences, the hosts reflect on the power of self-awareness and recommend books like "Letting Go" and "Busting Loose from the Money Game" as resources for understanding and processing emotions. They emphasize the importance of embracing vulnerability and accepting the natural ebb and flow of emotions in life. They suggest finding solace in uncertainty. They point out that it's okay not always to be happy but to instead embrace and acknowledge their emotions as part of their personal growth journey.