Happy Maybe Podcast

A conversational podcast where two friends share their insights on the winding journey of life.

18 Feb 5, 2024 14 min

Season One Finale

Join us as we sip coffee, laugh through late-night snacks, and discuss how the podcast deepened our friendship, surprised us, and brought happiness.
17 Jan 22, 2024 22 min

What is Love?

It's all about love: Nikita and Vasily's latest chat is a humorous and insightful exploration of the heart's biggest question.
16 Jan 8, 2024 19 min

Selfish Altruism

Ever wondered if being too helpful could be a problem? Listen to Vasily and Nikita as they discuss the pitfalls of altruism, the concept of karma, and the psychological effects of our actions on our perception of the world.
15 Dec 26, 2023 18 min

Meditate or Medicate

Can mindfulness alone lead to happiness or does human biochemistry demand more tangible interventions? Vasily and Nikita discuss different paths to peace of mind.
14 Dec 11, 2023 22 min

Unfollowing for Happiness

The downsides of social media vs. The benefits of digital connection. Vasily and Nikita share tips and tactics for cutting back on doom scrolling.
13 Nov 27, 2023 14 min

Mapping Personalities

Do labels like introvert and extrovert or astrological signs truly define us? Vasily and Nikita debate the merit of personality types and classifications.
12 Nov 13, 2023 17 min

Breaking Bonds

Ending relationships can be painful but sometimes vital. Vasily and Nikita discuss times when they cut ties and how to know when enough is enough.
11 Oct 30, 2023 23 min

The Life Coaching Minefield

Nikita dislikes the coaching industry, but Vasily sees pros if the coaching raises energy and provides accountability. They discuss how to vet so-called gurus, and debate paid versus freely shared wisdom.
10 Oct 16, 2023 16 min

Anger Mismanagement

Vasily and Nikita get real about anger, sharing times they’ve lost their cool and debating if blowing off steam can actually lead to more chill. If you allow yourself to feel rage now and then, will it bring you Zen or just make you angrier?
9 Oct 2, 2023 23 min

Changing Through Therapy

Vasily and Nikita explain that therapy isn't about being crazy and that finding a therapist you trust is important. It's a good listen for anyone thinking about giving it a try.
8 Sep 18, 2023 14 min

Tangled in Honesty

Vasily brought up a topic that caught Nikita off-guard: the concept of radical honesty and how it affects relationships
7 Sep 4, 2023 14 min

When Sadness Sets In

The hosts explore the intricate relationship between sadness and personal growth, sharing practical methods to cope with unexplained sorrow and uncertainty.
6 Aug 21, 2023 14 min

Crafting Happiness Through Creativity

The hosts dive into the connection between creativity and happiness, discussing the impact of creative outlets on personal fulfillment
5 Aug 7, 2023 16 min

The Never-Ending Quest for Home

Vasily, Nikita, and guest Liya delve into the complexities of choosing a place to call home, exploring the desire for novelty, building connections, and finding balance in their pursuit of happiness in this captivating episode of Happy Maybe.
4 Jul 24, 2023 14 min

When Success Isn't Enough

Vasily and Nikita questioned whether constantly trying to improve yourself and pushing for professional success lead to happiness and fulfillment. They also discuss the dilemma of whether to ask for a salary raise or just accept the status quo.
3 Jul 10, 2023 21 min

Inspiration vs. Discipline

The hosts engage in a freeform conversation about the connection between inspiration, discipline, and our pursuit of happiness.
2 Jun 27, 2023 15 min

Cultural Crossroads and Quest For Belonging

Exploring the challenges and triumphs of adapting to life in a new culture; the journey of immigration, and the pursuit of a sense of belonging.
1 Jun 12, 2023 25 min

Less-Than-Ideal Choices

Vasily and Nikita explore the complexities of making tough choices in a world of competing perspectives in the debut episode.