Happy Maybe Podcast

A conversational podcast where two friends share their insights on the winding journey of life.

10 Oct 16, 2023

Anger Mismanagement

During their discussion about anger and happiness, Vasily and Nikita get into a lively debate. They share personal stories about anger, revealing how it can affect people's behavior and emotions. The hosts discuss situations where anger emerged unexpectedly, like when a cab driver took a wrong route, and how people reacted. They examine the challenges of managing anger healthily, especially in today's society, where expressing anger can be challenging.

Vasily and Nikita also share their thoughts on the fine line between justified anger and destructive outbursts, emphasizing the importance of understanding and acknowledging this complex emotion. Throughout the episode, they touch on the discomfort and unease that often accompany anger and ponder the limited outlets available for expressing it.